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Hey everyone,

This is a big shout out thank you to all the Ecochosters who have willingly given their time to improve Ecocho. We really love it when people want to get involved and I’ve always said that Ecocho would work best if users become a part of the team and help us make Ecocho the best it can be (due to us being a really small team of people).

A big way that you guys have helped is by offering translation, or corrections to existing translation. After all, Ecocho has always been a global site – a way for everyone in the world to do some good in a very simple way, so we want to make it the best experience possible for all nations and all languages (in time!). Your translation is a big part of this goal.

Therefore, huge thanks to:

Morten Skovvang (Danish)
Anne (German)
Alessandro Cavazza (Italian)
Valentina Aiosa (Italian)
Diego Monti (Italian)

And especially to the following people who have given a great deal of time to provide us with large sections of text:

David Gorr (for big changes to the German version)
Alexandre Vidal Pinheiro (Portuguese)
Mohammed Al-Foulad (huge thanks for helping to create the Arabic version and offering continuous assistance)
Davood Mirzabagherian (big, big thanks for dedicated help towards creating the Persian – Farsi – version from scratch)
Ole Miebach (for perfecting the German version and big pledges of support!)
Carola Markwitz (German FAQ assistance [and interesting stories!])

We really appreciate all your help, everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contribute whenever you see something that may not be quite right, or if you can help with new language versions of Ecocho!

Thanks! Danke! Grazie! Obrigado! Bedankt! Tak! شكرا لك!

Ecocho’s Web Producer


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