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Toolbar update!

Hi guys,

You should see an update available today for the Ecocho toolbar – you can now search for websites, images and news directly from the toolbar. You’ll see links on the toolbar for your favourite email account, the Ecocho game and the Tell a Friend page. It’s worth noting too that Ecocho’s toolbar is one of the first to be compatible with Firefox 3 (well done, Thomas!). We hope you’re happy to see this update, please give us feedback – we’d love to hear your thoughts.



Ecocho’s Web Producer


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Firefox Add-on

Hi ecochosters,

Hopefully you all had a good weekend.

I’ve been getting a bunch of messages about a Firefox Add-on for Ecocho that allows you to add our search to the search engine browser list. You can already install this feature from the “Toolbar & add-ons” page (link on the top of each page thoughout the website!). If you scroll down the “Toolbar & add-ons” page you’ll see “Add the Ecocho search engine to Firefox or IE7”. The instructions provided should guide you from here.

Hope this helps!


Ecocho’s Web Producer

P.S. Summer and Thomas are working very hard on the black version of Ecocho right now, which I like to call “Ecocho Lo”. Check back very soon to see it!!

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