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Add your website to Ecocho!

Hey guys,

It’s a been a while, things have been pretty busy here! You’ve probably all seen the new feature, but just in case – now you can add your own website to Ecocho, to appear on the search results. It’s a cool way for people to get their sites out there!

Obviously the sites are vetted to filter out scams and spams (so don’t bother posting any dodgy get rich quick ventures!), but if you have a great green site or hobby site or cool shop or music site, add it here:


Ecocho’s Web Producer


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Ecocho on Floxtar

For those of you familiar with Floxtar, the Dutch social network (also available in English), you can now recommend Ecocho to your friends directly from the Ecocho website here:

So what is Floxtar? Floxtar is free and is “for everyone who wants to stay in touch with friends and family, share photos & videos, find the love of their life, (re)connect with classmates/colleagues, discuss shared interests and hobbies, plan events and make our world a little bit better.” So, much like Facebook really, except for a charitable addition. Floxtar supports charities that fight problems at the root and not the consequences, aiming to contribute to a sustainable solution. All this without the Floxtar user needing “pay a single dime”. Floxtar funds this mainly from advertising income and voluntary donations. In Floxtar’s own words “Friends + Love + Charity = Floxtar”.

If you’re new to Floxtar, why not check it out? You can find the Ecocho’s Floxtar page at:

Ecocho’s Web Producer

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