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Add your website to Ecocho!

Hey guys,

It’s a been a while, things have been pretty busy here! You’ve probably all seen the new feature, but just in case – now you can add your own website to Ecocho, to appear on the search results. It’s a cool way for people to get their sites out there!

Obviously the sites are vetted to filter out scams and spams (so don’t bother posting any dodgy get rich quick ventures!), but if you have a great green site or hobby site or cool shop or music site, add it here:


Ecocho’s Web Producer


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Found in translation

Hey everyone,

This is a big shout out thank you to all the Ecochosters who have willingly given their time to improve Ecocho. We really love it when people want to get involved and I’ve always said that Ecocho would work best if users become a part of the team and help us make Ecocho the best it can be (due to us being a really small team of people).

A big way that you guys have helped is by offering translation, or corrections to existing translation. After all, Ecocho has always been a global site – a way for everyone in the world to do some good in a very simple way, so we want to make it the best experience possible for all nations and all languages (in time!). Your translation is a big part of this goal.

Therefore, huge thanks to:

Morten Skovvang (Danish)
Anne (German)
Alessandro Cavazza (Italian)
Valentina Aiosa (Italian)
Diego Monti (Italian)

And especially to the following people who have given a great deal of time to provide us with large sections of text:

David Gorr (for big changes to the German version)
Alexandre Vidal Pinheiro (Portuguese)
Mohammed Al-Foulad (huge thanks for helping to create the Arabic version and offering continuous assistance)
Davood Mirzabagherian (big, big thanks for dedicated help towards creating the Persian – Farsi – version from scratch)
Ole Miebach (for perfecting the German version and big pledges of support!)
Carola Markwitz (German FAQ assistance [and interesting stories!])

We really appreciate all your help, everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contribute whenever you see something that may not be quite right, or if you can help with new language versions of Ecocho!

Thanks! Danke! Grazie! Obrigado! Bedankt! Tak! شكرا لك!

Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Slight eco-blip

¡Hola friends!

A few of you have asked about a problem with the European Ecocho sites last week (which is recurring from time to time). Unfortunately it has been out of our control and is a direct problem with the server provider. We’re doing all we can to correct the problem as fast as possible but the main issue is out of our hands alas. We are presently looking into alternative servers for Ecocho as we can’t rely on the current one. Frustratingly, you guys may still experience a few minor problems (hopefully not too major) until we are able to make the move. Please let us know if you find anything not working properly and we will do our best to fix it (if it’s within our control). We really appreciate your patience with this matter guys.

Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Ecocho: onwards, upwards, faster!

Hey there, hej, ciao, bonjour, hola (and olá!), and hallo Ecochosters!

It’s been a while and some of you have requested a little news update on Ecocho, and why not indeed! I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, we have been working very hard to improve the speed of the site. In the past couple of weeks you should have noticed a quite significant improvement to the speed of Ecocho. Our designer Summer has worked her magic to help the site download faster to your computer. Hopefully eco-searching should be nice and easy for you all!

Ecocho is moving along healthily and happily, with so many of you using our search to get your results, which we are very pleased about. We love being able to interact with you all so easily and actually respond to your feedback directly too. I personally really enjoy hearing your comments and have had nice conversations (via email!) with so many of you about how the site can be improved and what you’d like to see. It really does make Ecocho a people’s project, which I think is very cool.

Hey! Before I forget, there’s an interview I did for Anthrazit online magazine here, which gives an overview of the Ecocho project and some of the developments that have occurred so far. Thanks to Bruno for taking an interest in our website!!

Keep eco-searching & telling your friends – and sending us your feedback!


Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Toolbar update!

Hi guys,

You should see an update available today for the Ecocho toolbar – you can now search for websites, images and news directly from the toolbar. You’ll see links on the toolbar for your favourite email account, the Ecocho game and the Tell a Friend page. It’s worth noting too that Ecocho’s toolbar is one of the first to be compatible with Firefox 3 (well done, Thomas!). We hope you’re happy to see this update, please give us feedback – we’d love to hear your thoughts.



Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Ecocho for Opera users

Hi everyone,

We’ve been getting a few requests for the Ecocho tools and add-ons on the Opera browser so I thought I’d write a bit about it here. We are trying our best to cater for all users, however we’re only a very small team so we have to do things very gradually – bit by bit!

Unfortunately the toolbar won’t work on Opera, we will try to make it work as soon as we can. However, good news! The add-on search function will work in Opera. Here’s how to do it:

1) When on the Ecocho home page using the Opera browser, right-click on the actual search box field and select “Create search…”

2) You will see Ecocho’s description in the “Name” field. In the “keyword” field, type “keyword”.

3) Select “OK”

4) In the drop down browser search menu, at the top right hand corner of your Opera browser, you will now see Ecocho search! Select Ecocho search and start eco-searching!

I hope that’s helped. We’re sorry that the toolbar isn’t available for Opera users yet, but in the meantime you can still search straight from your Opera browser. Let us know if you have any problems.


Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Ecocho on Floxtar

For those of you familiar with Floxtar, the Dutch social network (also available in English), you can now recommend Ecocho to your friends directly from the Ecocho website here:

So what is Floxtar? Floxtar is free and is “for everyone who wants to stay in touch with friends and family, share photos & videos, find the love of their life, (re)connect with classmates/colleagues, discuss shared interests and hobbies, plan events and make our world a little bit better.” So, much like Facebook really, except for a charitable addition. Floxtar supports charities that fight problems at the root and not the consequences, aiming to contribute to a sustainable solution. All this without the Floxtar user needing “pay a single dime”. Floxtar funds this mainly from advertising income and voluntary donations. In Floxtar’s own words “Friends + Love + Charity = Floxtar”.

If you’re new to Floxtar, why not check it out? You can find the Ecocho’s Floxtar page at:

Ecocho’s Web Producer

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