Add your website to Ecocho!

Hey guys,

It’s a been a while, things have been pretty busy here! You’ve probably all seen the new feature, but just in case – now you can add your own website to Ecocho, to appear on the search results. It’s a cool way for people to get their sites out there!

Obviously the sites are vetted to filter out scams and spams (so don’t bother posting any dodgy get rich quick ventures!), but if you have a great green site or hobby site or cool shop or music site, add it here:


Ecocho’s Web Producer



  1. etegmence said

    Thak you for the news

  2. seargeabiesygam said

    zwtwxjebtdygodddwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  3. Luther Blisset said and are NOW (Jan. 24, 2009 A.C.) out of work in Italy!

  4. Henry said

    Dear Ecocho Team,
    I sent you a mail last Thursday describing an idea that I and a group of other italian Bocconi’s students are plannig, and that has Ecocho as primary subject.
    In a few words, it’s about a larger implementation of Ecocho in Italy.

    We trust in this idea, but we urgently need some information to complete the plan.
    Can we get in touch with you by mail?

    (We could send you our questions again , if you haven’t received them yet)

    Thank you! =)

    Henry and Team.

  5. Chris Kapfi said

    Love your site – thanks for making it so easy to safe trees! My Q: any particular reason you do NOT display the URL along with the search results?

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