Ecocho: onwards, upwards, faster!

Hey there, hej, ciao, bonjour, hola (and olá!), and hallo Ecochosters!

It’s been a while and some of you have requested a little news update on Ecocho, and why not indeed! I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, we have been working very hard to improve the speed of the site. In the past couple of weeks you should have noticed a quite significant improvement to the speed of Ecocho. Our designer Summer has worked her magic to help the site download faster to your computer. Hopefully eco-searching should be nice and easy for you all!

Ecocho is moving along healthily and happily, with so many of you using our search to get your results, which we are very pleased about. We love being able to interact with you all so easily and actually respond to your feedback directly too. I personally really enjoy hearing your comments and have had nice conversations (via email!) with so many of you about how the site can be improved and what you’d like to see. It really does make Ecocho a people’s project, which I think is very cool.

Hey! Before I forget, there’s an interview I did for Anthrazit online magazine here, which gives an overview of the Ecocho project and some of the developments that have occurred so far. Thanks to Bruno for taking an interest in our website!!

Keep eco-searching & telling your friends – and sending us your feedback!


Ecocho’s Web Producer



  1. simona said

    hi guys

    very good idea! COMPLIMENTI!
    Just to make it better, however, take a look at your italian site. I would strongly suggest you to check the Italian language because it is full of mistakes and mistranslated sentences.
    I would definitely trust more a site that speaks my language correctly.


  2. Alex said

    Hi ecocho,

    what happened to the european servers ( Why are they down? Only for Maintaining or is there an other issue?
    I would like to see a blog post about this 😉


  3. Georg Meyer said

    You really do need to fix the problem with your server, the toolbar ist next to useless right now. Please, at least Blog something so that we know where the problem is and when it will be solved.


  4. Roberta said

    ooooo my good i’m italian… i dont understand nothing!!!!!! ihihihih
    comunque è un’idea grandiosa!!!

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