Ecocho for Opera users

Hi everyone,

We’ve been getting a few requests for the Ecocho tools and add-ons on the Opera browser so I thought I’d write a bit about it here. We are trying our best to cater for all users, however we’re only a very small team so we have to do things very gradually – bit by bit!

Unfortunately the toolbar won’t work on Opera, we will try to make it work as soon as we can. However, good news! The add-on search function will work in Opera. Here’s how to do it:

1) When on the Ecocho home page using the Opera browser, right-click on the actual search box field and select “Create search…”

2) You will see Ecocho’s description in the “Name” field. In the “keyword” field, type “keyword”.

3) Select “OK”

4) In the drop down browser search menu, at the top right hand corner of your Opera browser, you will now see Ecocho search! Select Ecocho search and start eco-searching!

I hope that’s helped. We’re sorry that the toolbar isn’t available for Opera users yet, but in the meantime you can still search straight from your Opera browser. Let us know if you have any problems.


Ecocho’s Web Producer



  1. Dear Ecocho,

    I am sorry I have to do this this way, but your commentfield on the website doesn’t work and I really need to contact you.

    I am writing a news item about Ecocho for the Amsterdam ‘Krant van de Aarde’ (‘Newspaper of the Earth’). This is an idealistic magazine that is part of a Dutch foundation (Dag van de Aarde > Day of the Earth) that wants to stimulate people (main objective young people, students) in living a healthy and durable lifestyle, regardless their nationality, religion or political prefference.

    And I am wondering if it would be possible to receive a high res image, logo or illustration to go with my article about Ecocho? My deadline is May 21th

    I’m looking forward to your respons.

    With kind regards,

    Katherijne Pino


    Katherijne Pino
    Sint-Jobskade 234
    3024 EN Rotterdam

    (0031)- (0) 6 41 37 87 87

  2. Jojo said

    Thank you very much.

    Indeed this helped a lot.
    The only problem I had was in 1). You write:
    ‘When on the Opera search home page, right-click …’
    After reading that I went on Opera’s home page. That was the problem because it should be your home page not Opera’s.
    Right-clicking on the search-box(your Ecocho-search-box not that of Opera) you get the menues you described later.

    After all, thank you very much again and greatings from Germany!

  3. ecocho said

    Hi Jojo,

    Sorry, yes! I think I did mean the Ecocho search home page on the Opera browser, rather than the Opera search home page. I’m pleased you were able to fix the issue though. We’re fairly confident that on all browsers a way can be found to install Ecocho search as an add-on. We’re always working on new tools & add-ons too, but one thing at a time! Thanks for persevering. Greetings to Germany!

    Ecocho Web Producer

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