Image search on the home page!

Hi guys,

A lot of you asked about the image search and whether it could feature on the home page (to make for much easier eco-searching). Well, ask and you shall receive! The feature is now live. Please let us know what you think of it and whether it is easy to see and easy to use. We’d love to hear your feedback, as always!


Ecocho’s Web Producer



  1. geoff said

    question for ecocho: will you open your logs and release the precise number of searches that are being done on this website?

    how do we know how may searches are being done and therefore verify that the right number of trees are being planted? you say in your FAQ that you don’t allow computer programs or bots to do searches. so I assume that you exclude anything u consider to be an automated search from your total search volumes? how do u detect them? what other type of searches do you remove from your search “totals”?

    how can we have any confidence in the number of searches that you claim are being done? does yahoo verify this? maybe they can answer this question and publish these details or comment on this thread?

  2. ecocho said

    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for your comment. The search logs for Ecocho are very large and so would be difficult to present easily. In addition, search logs can be amended if it is a company’s intention to deceive, so it wouldn’t really be an ideal solution to your query. We are trying to be as transparent as possible, although we appreciate your concerns. If you can think of a fool proof way that we can be verified regarding the number of searches performed (without it costing a fortune!!), we’d love to hear of it. We are open to user feedback as much as possible.


    Ecocho’s Web Producer

  3. Marilena said

    I just have to say I love this initiative! It may not be able to save an entire planet but it’s part of all those things we could do to change the direction of things…

  4. Whitney K said

    Not to be a jerk…but is there any proof that money from your ads really does go towards planting trees? I was trying to spread the word of your site to friends, but some weren’t for sure about the legitimacy of claims. So is the way of our desensitized generation.
    Thanks for your time,

  5. ecocho said

    Thanks for your comment Whitney. People will always want to be as sure as possible that they are supporting a genuine initiative, and rightly so too.

    We are trying to be as clear as we can about how we’re accredited. That’s why we’ve put the tree counter right on our home page (which you will see is affected by searches directly). We’ve also put a link to a page outlining how we’re verified (the link is actually titled “How we’re verified”, to keep it clear).

    We only ever use Government-issued carbon offset credits. This means that we don’t say that we’re planting the trees personally (which would admittedly be very open to cynicism) but instead invest in Government-issued carbon credits. These credits go towards Government tree-planting projects (via the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme – the first local government mandatory emissions scheme in the world, which was born directly from incentives outlined in the Kyoto Protocol agreement).

    On top of this, acquisition, registration and retirement of all our carbon offset credits is audited (at our request and cost) by KPMG, one of the world’s leading professional services firms.

    Please do ask more questions if this hasn’t helped. I hope it has!!


    Ecocho’s Web Producer

  6. Valentina said

    Sorry Alex, I think there’s some problems out there. 23.47, Wednsday, Italian time. I tried to look for “Sprea” and obtained only a white page with this text.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/ecochoc/public_html/yahoo/class/class.feed.php on line 121

    Hope it can be useful for you to solve the problem.

  7. ecocho said

    Hi Valentina,

    Thanks for letting me know about that. Max is working on it right now. It was a problem with our hosting. We thought that the error had been fixed but unfortunately it’s still live. Hopefully it’ll be sorted later today. Thanks for your patience šŸ™‚

    Please keep the feedback coming guys. Letting us know how we can improve the site (or about any errors you find) is really helping us make the site better.


    Ecocho’s Web Producer

  8. Jojo said

    Hey Alex,

    why aren’t there any toolbar and add-ons for Opera?
    When I heard of your project I already imagined changing all my search-settings from google to ecocho.
    But then I noticed, there is no toolbar for Opera. That’s pretty sad.
    I would like to search only with ecocho!

    Anyway, great job you do there!

  9. ecocho said

    Hi Jojo,

    Ah, add-ons for Opera! Yes, we have been asked by a few Opera users. We’d love to be able to offer add-ons for all browsers overnight! Unfortunately, we’re a very small team here so we have to do things gradually. We’ll certainly look into doing stuff for Opera as soon as possible. We do appreciate you saying that you’d like to use only Ecocho for your web searches, that’s awesome!

    Thanks for your interest.


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