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You’ll all notice that the “Tell a Friend” [ Envoyer à un ami | Dillo ad un amico | Cuéntele a un amigo | An Freunde weitersagen | Contar para um amigo | Vertel het een vriend | 告诉朋友 | Tipsa en vän | Kerro kaverille | Fortæl en ven om Ecocho ] page has been updated. Now you can securely log in to your email account (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or MSN Hotmail) and easily select the friends you want to tell about Ecocho!

You may be wary about logging in to your email account via a website other than your email hosting site, but rest assured that we never see your password and only your log in email address is visible to us. We never store any email addresses or any of your information. Your password is encrypted immediately and transmitted directly to your host email provider’s site (Google, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail). We use very secure SSL technology by Digicert and their Digital Certificate Authentication system ensures that your personal information is protected and confidential.

You can add a maximum of 50 friends each time you log in.

Please let us know how the function works for you. We love to get feedback!


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  1. marc said

    Gratlations to the 2,000,000th search query!

  2. David said

    An interesting fact I found after doing some searching, using Ecocho of course!

    The average American produces 19.5 tonnes of CO2 per year, the figures are probably somewhat less for most other nationalities, but I couldn’t find figures for other countries.

    Assuming that Ecocho plants 2 trees for every 1,000 searches made, you’d need to submit 19,500 search queries to counter your carbon emissions. That sounds a lot but it’s only 53 searches per day, count how many times you enter a search and you may be surprised how many you make.

    I’ve found a lot of variance in figures on the net, one site quotes the average person produces only 2 tonnes of CO2 annually (this could be for the whole of the population I suppose) and another claims that each tree planted absorbs 4 tonnes of CO2 in it’s lifetime, Ecocho quotes half a tonne. Again this would depend on the types of tree being planted and their environment etc.

  3. Enrico said


    I draw your attention to the fact that the problems created by a person in one year require a lifetime (TBD) of a tree to be rectified. I appreciate your initiative and I use your ecocho website, but please don’t promote the idea that ecosearching will be enough to counterbalance our enviroment unfriendly habits.
    We do need to rethink our economies and our purchasing habits. Think before you spend!


  4. Enrico said

    Many friends to whom I reccommended your website asked me the following question: are you sure they really plant trees? Apparently the KPMG certification is not enough to convince people. Why don’t you provide a little bit more info on where trees are planted, how you can assure that will be preserved overtime. Maybe adding some pics could be useful even if not enough.



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