Image search on Ecocho

Hi guys,

A few of you have been asking about the “image search” function and how to find it. I thought I’d write to explain.

When you perform a search, you are transported to the “search results” page. At the top of this page you will see the search box along with your chosen search term. Above this search box are two links like this: “Web | Images“.

Simply select the function you wish to perform from these two links. So, click on “Images” to see the images for your chosen search term.

We are looking to put a direct link to the image search function on the home page, but we are not sure where to place it yet. We don’t want the home page looking too untidy – there is a lot on there already! Please send in your suggestions for where the “image search” link should be on the Ecocho home page. We’d appreciate it!

Please contact us if you have any problems too! Hope that’s helped.


Ecocho’s Web Producer



  1. Valentina said

    If you move the selection for black and white version to the left of the logo you oculd put the “web” and “images” button under the typing bar. There the buttons would be most visible, while the choice for version is a thing a user does only once, so I think it’s less important for it to be seen always.
    How do you like it?

  2. George said

    For those of us with bigger displays, we do need a better toolbar. It needs to be more like, whell, Googles. We need image search, translating functions, spell checking, news search and all that stuff. And, most important for me, we need a marker function, highlighting and coloring text. Maybe you can corporate with several partners to provide these functions.

  3. Alessandro said

    I’m for two buttons either!

  4. Dutchduc said

    Yes, i hope you guys can put it on the frontpage soon, because it’s very irritating right now.


  5. picture said

    good Thank you

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