Google halts Ecocho service


You may’ve noticed that your Google searches are suddently not working on the site. Unfortunately, Google has decided to stop Ecocho from using its search technology.

We’ve had phenomenal results over the first week and really hope that this can continue. We are speaking to Google right now to try to resolve this problem, but we could probably use your help.

If you love using Ecocho to perform your Google searches, feel free to express how unhappy you are about this decision here:

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. It is certainly an ominous move by the search giant, especially as only a couple of days ago Yahoo expressed further positive support for the project, even offering to host it for us (in fairness, Yahoo showed great excitement for the project from day one when we spoke with them). Thank you all for your fantastic support of Ecocho!

We’d appreciate you guys discussing the issue with us on this blog – we’d really love to hear from all of you who’ve expressed such inspiring support for the project.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use Ecocho’s Yahoo function for all your searches.



Ecocho’s Web Producer


  1. UnhappywithGoogle said

    I’ve got to say that I’m very surprised and dissapointed with google for this. Google has always presented to the public as having our best interests at heart. This may be the start of their true colours shining through… Let’s hope not!

  2. Glenn said

    This is quite ridiculous on Google’s part and I was amazed to hear about it. I understand Google’s perspective, that there may be some sort of issue regarding the use of their technologies with Ecocho, maybe even a significant one; but to suspend service COMPLETELY is unjustifiable! The altruistic elements of this endeavor outweigh any form of bureaucratic fallacy that has made Google believe the best solution would be to halt usage altogether

    I ask, beyond the emails to adsense-support, what can we do as users? Online petitions? Pertinent information circulation? What? Google must revisit this decision and find a viable balance between Ecocho’s needs and Google’s policy. To not do so is unacceptable.

    Kudos Yahoo! Boodos Google!

  3. Hrm said

    Did they tell you why? And can you tell us why if they did. It sucks but I would like to hear both sides of the story before getting outraged.

  4. ecocho said

    Hi Hrm,
    I understand that you’d like to hear both sides. Google told us via email that Ecocho is in breach of the adsense terms and conditions. Specifically, Google says they do not permit sites that offer “non-monetary incentives to users to perform searches on (sic: or) click on ads”.

    We have tried contacting Google to clarify and fix any issues together but we haven’t gotten a response yet. For the record, Ecocho has never encouraged users to click on ads. In fact, we’ve never even spoken about clicks. We don’t believe that Ecocho was sending fraudulent clicks to advertisers. If it had, Google would’ve immediately stopped Ecocho’s service on day 1 and given this as their main reason. To be clear, Ecocho absolutely condemns fraudulent clicks. To be a real success, Ecocho must have genuine benefits for everyone – from the users, right through to the advertisers and our search technology providers. We met with the Google Adsense team in Australia before launching the site and they gave the project the go ahead, so we don’t understand this action now.

    As for governance, we’ve been clear about the important facts. And we’ve made every effort to be as accountable as we can, enlisting KPMG to audit our carbon credits and buying only government-issued credits. We don’t see what more we could do in this regard.

    Please keep your comments coming.

    Ecocho’s Web Producer

  5. ecocho said

    Thank you all for your posts. We must comply with Google’s wishes and will be doing that now. However, those of you that do wish to support Ecocho, please do contact Google directly expressing your view and by all means protest at the decision.

    We don’t feel that Ecocho is in the slightest ambiguous. We have been infinitely more accontable and verifiable with regards to our carbon credits than all of our competition (performing a similar function). Google has interestingly allowed to those sites to remain active. Glenn, please do what you can to express your feelings about this issue. Thanks.

    Ecocho’s Web Producer

  6. ecocho said

    P.S. Never let it be said that Google doesn’t have a sense of irony, whacking Ecocho with this ban on Earth Day of all days!! (Check their logo today)

    Alex @ Ecocho

  7. Glenn said

    I made a basic form email for people to use if they so desire(below). If you wish to change it in anyway, feel free; but I thought that the person who wouldn’t send an email otherwise may do so now. Also, Alex or any Ecocho personnel, please make any semantical changes or clarifications to better illustrate the point and repost the better form email for people to use.

    Dear Adsense Support,

    I am one of the many users that frequent, a site recently denied the use of Google search technologies. I must express my disappointment with this event. However disappointed, I understand the value of the specific point of policy that is in conflict: “AdSense does not currently permit sites that offer monetary or non-monetary incentives to users to perform searches on click on ads.” I also understand the the argument regarding the “inability to verify the accuracy of any charitable claims and need to protect the user and advertiser experiences.”

    This is equitable and overall good policy practice. I do, however, wish to implore the altruistic nature and the user-demand for such a service. Due to these reasons I ask, with a voice that echoes many others, that the time needed to ensure and verify the legitimacy of this service is taken. We are confident you will find Ecocho to be completely accurate and genuine.

    We respectfully ask that proper attention is given to the wishes of the Ecocho community and that a viable agreement with the staff be made promptly.


    Ecocho and Google User

    PS- If people agree, I think an online petition should be started to prove the value of this service and the overall demand for it. (

  8. Chris said

    This is crap. Look at the sites from Prodege. You pick your favorite band, and every time you search you could win swag bucks. With those you can buy stuff with them. Isn’t that pretty much the exact same thing as what ecocho is doing. Well in a simplistic form. Prodege is powered by google and ask. This is crap, google needs to lighten up.

  9. Alexander said

    Maybe we just have to make the Google-people know, that the oxygen,coming from Ecocho-Trees is the oxygen that keeps them alive.

  10. Haldun said

    Well, correct if I’m wrong, but google’S decisions seems to be rather business driven. I suppose they did not expect this huge response on ecocho and are afraid it will keep growing immensely.
    So, at least to my mind and as far as I understood ecocho’s business model, google just want to have an bigger piece of that cake. So, as long as yahoo is supporting you, well, who cares. I’ll keep yahoo positively in mind – quite in contrast to google. All those news about “google the villain” seem to be quite right. Nevertherless I’d like to hear them response on thios blog, face to face with us customers…

  11. Nicola said

    I have just written to Google to complain about their decision. Hope it will be useful for Ecocho…

  12. Riccardo said

    until the service stay off, we are forced to use Yahoo

  13. ecocho said

    Thanks so much for all your support guys.

    We’re disappointed. There are quite a few sites out there using Google technology and imploring people to search for cash incentive. We hoped that we had highlighted our accountability enough to distinguish Ecocho from those sites, by legitimately supporting the growth of trees and keeping our service above board and official (KPMG audit/government-issued credits).

    Glenn, thank you so much for doing the petition form. We are going to feature it on our site and try to make it as easy as possible for people to use it.

    Again, thanks so much for your support guys.

    Alex @ Ecocho

  14. j said

    sjeez the DO NO EVIL line is getting more ridiculous by the day , I want trees google, i’m switching to yahoo until you do!!


  15. Valentina said

    I’ll submit my email, in hope it will help others too. It’s a little more on the sensitive side than Glen’s one, so that we can have both approaches to the thing (hoping that one of these will work).


    Obj: Ecocho


    I am an Italian user, and I have always used Firefox for my browsing and Google for my searchs. I was glad when I saw your policy of aiding this new service, that makes users search as they have ever done, but with an eco-knack. As a consumer, as a woman, as a future mother I strongly advise that you change your mind about the collaboration with the ecocho project, exspecially as today is earth day, as Google Italia displays. Otherwise I suppose I’ll have to use Yahoo for my searshs, Microsoft ties or not.

    Best regards,

  16. Angelo said

    I think Google is afraid of Ecocho becoming more popular than Google itself…

  17. nicola said


    I am happy I hear disappointing and angry comments on Google move. I believe in Ecocho’s plan and I think Google should trust the iniative as well. Asutralians have very nice ideas in general and in this occasion they just had a wonderful one! It’s good for the planet! I got the chance to discuss a bit with Alex few days ago and I had very good feelings!

    Google, please, put your thinking apart, be intelligent.

  18. Dniel said

    I`m an Ecocho user from the Netherlands. It`s great that Yahoo supports ecocho. I`m a bit curious about the reasons why google won`t co-op with ecocho.
    Today is Earth day and they have their logo turned into some kind of earthly google thing-a-ma-bouth…so why won`t they let ecocho use google?

    money, power and fame.
    such a shame

  19. Jerry said

    This is really bad. I certainly hope this issue gets worked out, so good luck to you guys. How strange that it should happen on Earth Day, of all days.

  20. Paola said

    I want to support your way to search on the web. I hope that google go back and you will find a solution together, will reach a common issue to play the correct role in the web life.
    I will continue to use ecocho.


  21. Aotearoa said

    Decisions like this do nothing for Googles image. “Don’t be evil” seems to have a number of caveats that would seem to actually encourage evil like censoring Google in China and now pulling the pin on the Ecocho content. I think Google cares very little about the planet and a lot about their business model, stock price and bottom line. Shame on you google for not supporting the ‘cho.

    Disenfranchised Google user and passionate Ecocho user

  22. Andrea said

    Today is Earth Day (as Google remark to us with its logo) and Google itself blocks Ecocho…

    Google SHAME ON YOU!

  23. Michiel said

    I’ve sent a mail to Google to say how unhappy I am. I suggested this great site to several people and they were all very happy about it: doing what we always do (searching) but saving the planet. How can they be against this? It’s the kind of stuff people like to have: rescuing our planet without having to do a single thing. Except of having a new start page or search engine in the browser.

  24. Maarten said

    Such a shame.. I don’t like searching with Yahoo, so Google hás to come back..!

  25. Maarten said

    @ money, power and fame.
    such a shame

    so tue.. kind of weird that they decided to stop supporting ecocho the day before earth day..

  26. Alessandra said

    dear ecocho,
    I’m an italian user and I was so glad for your web-site, new for me, and I tell about it to all my friends! what a bad thing for google to stop Ecocho from using its search technology…
    I just wrote to google ad sense for my disappoint on their decision
    I hope that all our e-mail will be useful to change their mind…
    best regards and have a nice day!

  27. Google wants supremacy in the search engine of the Internet.
    Too much money is at stake …
    Compliments for your idea that I will always support.

  28. Ecocho big french fan ! said

    I like Ecocho and I like search with google but i can’t do the same.
    Not nice from google do that on earth day !
    I read french people work on ecocho : continuez les gars !
    jean lou

  29. Bas said

    Just sent them my own email.

    Would hate to have to switch to Yahoo.

  30. Tom said

    According to the T&C’s, Google are actually in the right. Having said that, the quoted response is a little ambiguous. What exactly do they classify as the incentive on the ecocho home page?

    I can only see the “You search. We grow trees” statement as the incentive.

    Perhaps if you remove references regarding the above they may take it a little easier, as petty and stupid as that may sound. At the end of the day, ecocho is using google technology, hence they do have to abide by the T&C’s. I’m sure it will get sorted out though.

    Sure Googles decision is business driven, but surprise surprise, they are a business. If google wants a piece of the pie, then they will just buy ecocho, like they did with picasa etc.

    Oh and before anyone says Google is now evil and wants to ruin search and kill trees and baby reindeer, take a look at, they do put a lot of money to worthwhile causes.

    PS – no i do not work for google.

    PPS – as much as i would love to use ecocho, i’ll have to wait until google comes back on it. I find some of the things Yahoo does, particularly with regards to China, disgraceful and cant in good faith use them.

    Good luck with getting Google back and with the site. I think it is a fantastic concept and a very worthwhile initiative.

  31. msa said

    I very sad that gooogle stop
    It’s so easy to help to rescue the earth, but google…

    Buuuuh, Google, do nothing evil^^

  32. paul said

    So sorry for Cho Cho !
    so sad that google be afraid about you on the earth day !
    google or big brother.

  33. FPC said

    Guys, this was a great service. That’s why I wrote to Google too. You can read below the email sent, however if you haven’t enough time, just note that, in Google Corporate Site, it is written:

    “Google’s Green Commitment
    This current initiative is just the next step in Google’s continuing commitment to a clean and green energy future. We have been working hard on energy efficiency and making our business environmentally sustainable.

    Last spring we announced that we would be carbon neutral for 2007 and beyond, and we’re on track to meet this goal. We’ve taken concrete steps to reduce our carbon footprint and accelerate improvements in green technology…..” ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    You can find the whole text at

    “To: adsense-support, renewables
    mostra dettagli 10.17 (2 ore fa)

    Dear Google,

    today, the earth day, I tried to help our Earth searching through Ecocho, using, as always, Google as “the” search engine. But… the same Google that today shows an earth logo on its homepage, has disabled search through Ecocho. This does not make any sense, at least to me. And I suppose it make nonsense also for other thousand of people that in last week discovered that wonderful service offered by Ecocho (3.290 trees = 3.290.000 searches… it’s not a small number). I do not know why Google has choosen to stop that service, I am sure Google had its own reasons as Ecocho had its own… but it is really not a great marketing campaign, nor a great step forward for your “Google’s Green Commitment” (at least, Google can think about implementing an Ecocho-like service), if it is not supported by an official, understandable and good reason.

    My last question, is: how can you state “Last spring we announced that we would be carbon neutral for 2007 and beyond, and we’re on track to meet this goal” (from your corporate site) and then “Unfortunately, Google has decided to stop Ecocho from using its search technology” (Ecocho home page) without giving to your users any reason?

    Sincerely, fpc”

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  35. titi said

    well, let wait and see if Google changes his mind, but why not try to link other search engines or even try to make an ecocho one?

  36. Pat said

    I have to admit, while this is a great idea in principle, Google doesn’t seem to support *anyone* doing this. See the first comment here:

    Seems like all of the charity-style search engines are using Yahoo now.

  37. jesus said

    they still support several site

  38. Vithiya said

    Really disappointing!

  39. Randall said

    Hi, I’m new to this site and forum, but I had been using a search engine called Aidgle up until a few months ago, when the same thing happened. It was run by a Peruvian, university friend and was giving the proceeds to victims of the Earthquake that happened there recently. Anyway I agree with the objectives of the Google policy which aim to protect the users from being duped into giving an unknown person, group or cause their support. But I think the implementation is misguided and suggest Google find a way that allows users to feel ‘protected’ but still allows them to support causes they deem worthy.
    Here is my email, a modified form of Glenn’s

    Dear Adsense Support,

    I am one of the many users that frequent and used to frequent, sites recently denied the use of Google search technologies. I understand the value of the specific point of policy that is in conflict: “AdSense does not currently permit sites that offer monetary or non-monetary incentives to users to perform searches or click on ads.” I also understand the the argument regarding the “inability to verify the accuracy of any charitable claims and need to protect the user and advertiser experiences.”
    However, I am somewhat taken aback at the Google response to the popularity of these two particular sites. As a forward looking, mold-breaking company, why can’t Google come to some kind of agreement that would allow users to support those important causes? One possible compromise would be to lower the revenue received and use the difference to pay a third-party investigative team or certification organization to certify that the money is going where they say it is. The site could even be required to have something like a pie chart created by the third-party organization that would tell exactly where the money is going. There are already similar certification organizations for organics and charities, so why not come up with a creative solution that lets everyone be part winner? Good publicity for Google, feel-good for the users, trees or aid to earthquake victims for the world?

    Randall Rubinstein

  40. No!!! said

    Hoffentlich startet Google seinen Service für Ecocho bald wieder!!!
    Das so ein tolles Konzept für eine Suchmaschine durch Google ausgebremst wurde, entäuscht mich!!!!!!!

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  42. Jean-Charles said

    And they think they will stop us using ecocho…

    I used to use google, and few days ago I discovered Ecocho (The best idea since Internet). The search engine which help the earth. I started to used it (with the google search engine). And today, which is the ‘Earth day’, Google decide to stop sponsoring ecocho. What does that mean? Do they think they are doing enough for the earth? What did they do? hummm I know, they changed their logo for 1 DAY, with nice trees, a nice river, and a nice sky. But is that really helping the earth… I don’t think so!
    The thing is that the pollution issue is a problem for everyone on earth even Google, so if we are all doing an effort, it can help…
    So I will continue to use Ecocho, even if Google is not on board anymore.

    Don’t give up guys, because the pollution will not give up!

  43. Alfredo said

    That’s what I wrote (fingers crossed!):

    Dear Sirs,

    my name is Alfredo — and I am writing to express my delusion about your decision not to support Ecocho anymore. I thought Echocho was a valuable way to protect and better our planet and had appreciated the fact that I could use google even to benefit our environment. I am now obliged to turn to yahoo, even though I liked your website more. I really hope you will change your mind and support Ecocho again!

    Best regards,
    Alfredo —
    from Italy

  44. Isabelle said

    Google’s slogan should be: You search. We make money !
    I prefer 100 times the Ecocho one. People have to know what’s Google is trying to do… Talk about that with all your friends, hopefuly someone is a journalist and will take attention of this infrmaion while I continue to grow trees with Yahoo.


  45. Sander said

    They replied that I did not use their helpdesk..

    My reply:
    Actually I have read your helpdesk and it does not help me.

    Please take my mail seriously and send me a serious reply..
    You are denying this site from growing trees, those trees are there to produce oxygen for you.
    You are breathing oxygen right now. Why do you want to stop breathing?

    [Original message]
    I am one of the many users that frequent, a site
    recently denied the use of Google search technologies. I must express my
    disappointment with this event. However disappointed, I understand the
    value of the specific point of policy that is in conflict: “AdSense does not
    currently permit sites that offer monetary or non-monetary incentives to
    users to perform searches on click on ads.” I also understand the the
    argument regarding the “inability to verify the accuracy of any charitable
    claims and need to protect the user and advertiser experiences.”

    This is equitable and overall good policy practice. I do, however, wish to
    implore the altruistic nature and the user-demand for such a service. Due
    to these reasons I ask, with a voice that echoes many others, that the time
    needed to ensure and verify the legitimacy of this service is taken. We
    are confident you will find Ecocho to be completely accurate and genuine.

    We respectfully ask that proper attention is given to the wishes of the
    Ecocho community and that a viable agreement with the
    staff be made promptly.


    Sander van Hulst

  46. Ecocho hat ein Problem…

    Wie es scheint hat das vorhin nochmals erwähnte Suchmaschinenangebot nun ein Problem. Google hat den Dienst bei Ecocho eingestellt. Begründung dafür ist, dass Ecocho sich nicht an die AdSense-Regeln gehalten hat. Wie mir auch schon aufgefallen ist, hat…

  47. aleweb said

    Google why NOT?? Hello Google, why you interrupted the collaboration with would like to know if possible your official declaration for power and verify all the two Parties. The purposes of seem to be absolutely to support do not understand your withdrawal. We expect a your dear declaration.

  48. Fabian said

    Dear Alex,
    I guess problem of google, was just not to deal with the real people, in the business, we don’t have to depend only on Ad sense services, there’s must be someone with a higher position, someone with nothing to do with Ad Sense. (Remember Ad.sense watchs only numbers).
    In case i’m wrong “Google isn’t a company who cares about the planet resources”, in fact “Google relays on the HHRR of their employees”.

    Also, remmember that Google loosing money on Ad-sense, their profits has slowed down, you can read ir on any newspaper.

    There must be an alternative way to accomplish the goals of ecocho:
    The best way we can contribute to ecocho is to give them different ideas, to try no to depend on google.

    Greetings, Fabian

  49. Gio said

    E-mail sent to Google with Glenn’s proposed text (thanks!)

    A couple of thoughts:
    1. Definitely, Google IS evil
    2. Ecocho Yahoo! is kinda neat, actually…

  50. Natovr said

    Maybe Ecocho can develop their own search engine (maybe one better than Google), and have independent ads, but this is just a concept.

    I’ll replace Yahoo with Ecocho in my browser search :p

    Hope negotiations go well!

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  52. Fabian said

    Natovr, it’s very complicate to develop their own search engine, google has a farm of servers, and a gigant infrastructure to perform each query.(that requires a lot of money, a lot).
    What we can do is keep giving alternative ideas.

  53. minopausa said

    Google == Microsoft ?

  54. Valentina said

    Oh, and BTW I also sent a message to the journalist of Punto Informatico (one of the most important italian blogs about technology) telling him what happened this morning. I imagine that if each and every one of us sends a message, a mail or comunicates the news by other means with some newspaper someone else will write something about it, making a horrible advertising for Google.
    I encourage also people to be quick, so that the news spread as much as possibile during the earth day. I will also send a note to Beppe Grillo as soon as I can. Hope he is influent as they say.

  55. Patrick said

    I didn´t use yahoo search for years but now i´m gonna change this.

    I can imagine google finished their support for the project now, because the site isn´t too popular yet. But use your contacts guys and tell people to use the site.

    Canceled support on earth day, this is just ridiculous

  56. Patrick said

    Btw. maybe you can contact the mozilla-firefox team to add ecocho to the supported search engines for their fast search bar 🙂

  57. Martha said

    Google’s decision really disappointed me…I can’t stand and I can’t understand how a search giant like this, could deny a simply and free support to ecocho ignoring a good initiative. No comment.

  58. Bas said

    Yeah, already contacted a popular Dutch news outlet about it and blogged about it myself.

    Them doing this on Earth Day makes it an even better story 🙂

  59. Fabi said

    Hopfully Google will revise its decision, otherwise also some people from other sites should be informed what company google is. But i also want to say thank you for the foundation of this wonderful site. A great idea.

  60. Nicolo Tosi said


    I think that the best way to solve the problem is by using Yahoo!
    Maybe Google will be back one day…or maybe not…who cares by the way?
    So….Good Luck Ecocho! Very good Job!



  61. titi said

    well, to begin i’ll renounce to google, i’ll call it google my little strike…
    At present i’ll do it on my own, but I hope that someone will follow.
    In fact anyway google has become too much important worldwide and it’s a huge risk to depend mainly on a single search engine.

  62. Glenn said

    I have contacted, a popular technology oriented news site. Hopefully people will realize the overwhelming concern regarding this issue and help to inform others of its importance.

    I have informed some of my local institutions here in the US, ie, college and center for sustainable living; most people I have talked to are sending emails. I hope others can do the same.

    It is great to see such a great response surrounding this issue.

    PS. I see that the Ecocho wikipedia article was updated–awesome.

  63. shiberz said

    I didnt know you could use adsense search and ad links on the same page? They let you do that even tho its in the terms saying that you cant?

    Maybe if you list yourself as a charity they will back off?

    But i get the whole incentive to search thing, if on my site i said i would buy carrots for the local donkey sanctuary for using my search engine, thats an incentive to use it, not because my site offers a better experiences. Its almost like doing cashback for search.

    The same rules have to apply to everyone right?

  64. Emily said

    I have always been a Google searcher but no more. I love the concept of Ecocho so if I have to search via Yahoo to use Ecocho, so be it. Google’s loss.

    They might say “don’t be evil” but it seems the subtext is “but its OK not to be nice either…”

    Keep up the good work Ecocho – anything worth doing takes effort. This is just the first hurdle and its far from insurmountable.

  65. Wolfy said

    I am sad 😦

    Ecocho is a little green in the grey internet.
    Google please „Don’t be evil.”!

    Cho Cho don’t cry!

  66. Arnaudsugiez said

    Un petit message depuis la Suisse (Switzerland) pour vous exprimer tout mon soutien et vous remercier! Continuez ainsi!

  67. John said

    I´m very disappointed…
    I also sent a mail to google and informed

    Keep on searching for the environment !

  68. Eddi said

    This is bad. I have just stopped all my Google adsense campaigns and will NEVER start them again. I cannot support this company anymore!

    Greetings from Germany and keep up the good work!

  69. John said

    Hey ! You can also type your mail in the box at this page:

    Keep on searching for the environment !

  70. Sebatian said

    What’s so bad about Yahoo instead of google?

    The more mighty a company becomes, the more we depend on them, don’t we? Let’s show google that the world is able to search the internet without them!

    From now on, I’m going to use ecocho (yahoo) as my favorite search site.

  71. Markus said

    From the beginning i searched the web with Ecocho Yahoo, just to show how dispensable Google is to me.

    Go on searching with Yahoo and good luck to the team behind Ecocho, keep up the good working!

    Greets from Austria,

  72. DanL said

    Hey Ecochoteam

    Keep your heads up.. Go ahead.. there are so many things you can do.
    You do GREAT WORK for our enviroment.. maybe you could take some pictures from the trees and Pics from your company =) im very interrested in how it looks like ^^

    and.. KEEP GOIN’

    Greetz from AUSTRIA – DanL

  73. Ingo Frost said

    ..I can’t imagin that google does not like us and sends us to yahoo ;-(

  74. Eddi said

    Unfortunately, especially for SEO purposes, using Yahoo is not enough. A lot of people still use Google, and if you want your site to be found, you will have to optimize for Google…

  75. Stijn Leenknegt said

    I’v send an e-mail to google. I really like this idea and it’s a shame that google do such thing.

  76. senser said

    RIPPLE and VEOSEARCH are CHARITIES. Non-profit. Google supports this, however if your MAKING A PROFIT on searches by using ‘growing trees’ as the incentive to use your site, thats not exactly fair on the other guys who give 100% of search profit to charity.

    The answer is simple, become a charity and not use growing trees as an incentive if your making money off the side. So many companies are getting in on the ‘lets save the world’ attitude around right now.

    How much of your earnings are profit and how much are given to trees? would be interesting to know

  77. fabian said

    John, great Idea!!!

    PS. [..] Ecocho was informed by Google that they would be denied the use of Google’s search technologies.[3] This event, ironically on Earth day, has been cause for much criticism[..]

    I couldn’t say it better! 😀

    Fabian, Argentina

  78. fabian said

    Senser in some point you’re right… but we have to believe in something, at least we gave our good intention, that’s enough for me… and let’s be patient, and we will see…

    greetings, fabian

  79. ted said

    VeoSearch is not charity
    look at

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  81. ecocho said

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your comments. We’ve decided to close comments on this post so that we can all move on. We feel very positive for Ecocho’s future. Thanks for all your continued support!!

    Alex and the Ecocho team.

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