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Hi ecochosters,

Hopefully you all had a good weekend.

I’ve been getting a bunch of messages about a Firefox Add-on for Ecocho that allows you to add our search to the search engine browser list. You can already install this feature from the “Toolbar & add-ons” page (link on the top of each page thoughout the website!). If you scroll down the “Toolbar & add-ons” page you’ll see “Add the Ecocho search engine to Firefox or IE7”. The instructions provided should guide you from here.

Hope this helps!


Ecocho’s Web Producer

P.S. Summer and Thomas are working very hard on the black version of Ecocho right now, which I like to call “Ecocho Lo”. Check back very soon to see it!!



  1. Tom J said

    Many thanks. I do 95% of my searches from that customizable toolbar in firefox, so adding a ecocho option is perfect. Its my new default.

  2. ecocho said

    Glad you like it, Tom. Thanks for using Ecocho!

    We’d like to hear from anyone who asked for this add-on – is it what you wanted/could it be improved? Also, please let us know if there are any future add-ons you’d like to see.


  3. Yves said

    Great stuff but please let me have a fix or an add-on for Safari (OSX Intel)…

  4. horst said

    But also add the Addon to the

    So more people can find the Addon

  5. Jerry said

    That’s great! I would suggest, however, that you go the extra step and make it follow the OpenSearch standard. That way Firefox and IE7 will unobtrusively notify you that this site has a search plugin.

    A bug I found is that it doesn’t handle international characters (like German Umlauts) properly, and it doesn’t handle %20 spaces correctly in combination with the “Context Search” plugin for Firefox, whereas the regular Google has no problems with it.

  6. Cicero said

    Hello Dear Ecocho team! I love you’r site, and from now on I’ll only search by ecocho! I think this is a great idea and I’d like to help planting trees as much as I can! Besides I hope, this isn’t just a joke or a fake thing, I would very sad if it’s ^.^

    Keep the good work on!


  7. Helledie said


    A technical question:

    I use the Opera browser, and usually perform all my searches by typing directly into the adress line, e.g. “g [search word]” for a google search, or “y [search word]” for a yahoo search.
    It should be possible to do the same with Ecocho, but seems to require a particular type of link ( to use google, or for yahoo) in order to setup this shortcut function.

    I don’t know if this requires any programming on your part, or if its just a question of knowing what to type..

    Help would be appreciated!


  8. Jochen said

    To use opera, go into the option (alt+p) to the tab “search” and add a new search engine (or change a current one). Under “Details”, the URL should be

    in order to start the search.

    Works like a charm!

  9. Helledie said

    Works perfectly.. Thanks!


  10. Ian said

    It is simple to add Ecocho search to the standard firefox toolbar, just change it from (most likely) google.

    When on the ecocho search page, click on the drop down arrow on the left of your search bar and from the drop down list select Add “Echocho Search”

    that simple, no need for extra toolbars or any addons, its part of firefox standard toolbar.

  11. Matthew Kenneth said

    I added ecocho as my firefox’s search engine a couple of weeks ago. It used to work great, but now when I search from it I get redirected to ecocho’s front page rather than search results.

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