The name “ecocho”!

Hi guys,

I thought it was about time I chatted a bit about the name “ecocho” – I constantly get asked about how I came up with it, so I think I should explain!

I wanted the name to be short and universal (i.e. not English), but at the same time I wanted to get the word “eco” into it. When I stumbled across the Japanese word “cho” I thought that it meant gift, i.e. ecocho = “gift to the earth”, but instead I realised it was only part of the word that makes up “special gift”. So discovered that “cho” actually means “very”/”ultra”/”extremely”. Therefore, “ecocho” = “extrememly eco”!!

We have an international group of guys here (Max & Thomas are French, I’m Welsh Italian, Summer is Chinese & Amit is Indian), and when all the guys had no problem getting their tongues around the word – even liking the sound of it right away! – I knew it was the one.

So, to clear it up any complications, the word is pronounced : ee – coh – choh.

In Italian the “cho” part of the word is pronounced similar to the “c followed by a vowel” sound, such as “cesare”, “citta” or “cento”.

In German, the “cho” part of “ecocho” is more like the German “tsch”, i.e. “ecotscho”!

I really hope that makes sense – please email me at the searchecocho gmail address or through the site if you need help!

It’s insane to see this silly name I doodled spread like wildfire across the internet, let me tell you! A bizarre feeling – but a good one!

Ciao amici!


Ecocho’s Web Producer



  1. Paolo said

    i was sure that it means eco – choice !!! ha!

  2. Saif said

    nice name…even in arabic !

  3. Clair said

    What a creative name! I love it!

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