Ecocho toolbars…feedback needed!

Due to the huge Ecocho buzz in Europe, we’re developing some new toolbars that will allow you to eco-search right from your browser and make Ecocho the default search engine. I’ve been put in charge of this, and I’d love to hear any ideas, suggestions and feedback (big and small).

The toolbar will allow you to search in your native language. Here are two possible solutions:

  1. We create a new toolbar for each language. This could be hard for us to manage; OR
  2. We detect the language that you’ll be able to set in your preferences (Max is working on it) and we give you the results. This would be easier to maintain.

So, we need to know what you think. Can you guys come up with a better idea for a multi-lingual toolbar? If so, please send an email to thomas at or publish a comment on the blog, too easy!


The Ecocho toolbar guru 😉



  1. Felipe de la Fuente Diaz said

    I prefer the second option, and much better if is easier to you guys to maintain it…
    great project, keep on it… any help to translate from english to spanish i can happily help u …

  2. meika said

    May I suggest a firefox search egine add-on for the search bar I already have, such that I can just add it when I arrive at your search page, I don’t want another toolbar, one’s enough,


  3. Pat said

    rather than a toolbar I would prefer a Firefox search engine add-on


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