Why is Ecocho slow in Europe?

Yesterday, you may have noticed that we had an issue with the server because so many people were connected at the same time! (We had 3 times the traffic we had expected!!)

So what have we done? For a short time, we had to redirect the European stream to the US server. That was slow because the search results needed to swim across the Atlantic 😉

That was the first step. The second one was to buy a new server, and a strong one (!), to handle all the European traffic. All our Euro friends have been really enthusiastic about Ecocho!

The new server has been setup by Max and is now working. The only thing to do now is wait for a bit! In the meantime though I can give you a brief technical [geeky!! – Alex, ed] explanation!

When you visit Ecocho.it (for example), your computer requests the IP address of the computer behind the name Ecocho.it from the DNS server. If this DNS knows the address, it answers directly to your computer, if not, it asks its DNS until it reaches the “root DNS” (TLD), which always has the answer.

So when you move the server behind Ecocho.it, changes take up to 24h to take effect.

This is why you might be redirected (or not) to Ecocho.com when you type Ecocho.it – even if your new “neighbour” server is available! We call that “propagation”.

Hope that’s helped! Please contact us if you have any questions.


Ecocho tech guru



  1. complimenti per la vostra verde idea…

  2. Letizia said

    Hi, I’m from Italy and I connected to ecocho as many friends and colleagues I could. Great idea, congratulations!

    it’s so nice to see the counter of trees growing at every search!!!

    When are you going to begin to plant the tress in Europe (and in Italy)?????

    Thanks for your job and continue to be so “cho”

  3. Jennifer said

    I read somewhere, black screens only save engergy with CRT monitors, with lcd it’s even the other way around.

  4. Tim said

    Hello! Thanks for posting that info. I’m not a fan of black backgrounds at all because my eyes are goofy for a while afterwards. Keep up the good work!

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