Thanks!! Merci!! Grazie!! Danke!! Dank u!! Gracias!! Obrigado!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your comments and feedback – the response to the site has been massive!

We want to let you guys know that we’re doing all we can to fix the speed of the site. Max and Thomas (Ecocho tech gurus) have been frantically fixing the site, moving it to a server that can handle all the traffic!

Summer (Ecocho’s creative wonder) has been working hard to ensure that the design is light as a feather to not weigh down your searching! You should already notice that the site is faster than Tuesday – much faster – but please let us know if it’s not, and don’t forget to include your browser type (firefox/internet explorer/safari, etc), the site you were using (,,,, etc, etc), your screen resolution (800 x 600, 1280 x 1024, etc) and your operating system (XP, Vista, OSX, etc).

Please be patient if possible, guys. We’re doing our best to speed the site up. We’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response so far. Thank you!

Please, please, please keep the comments and feedback coming. It is our aim to respond to every single message!!

Thanks!! Merci!! Grazie!! Danke!! Dank u!! Gracias!! Obrigado!!


Ecocho’s web producer



  1. Chiara said

    Don’t worry, I can wait for a couple of seconds it this means doing something good…
    Great job!!!!!

  2. Nicola said

    Now speed is much better, great job. Keep in mind that not everyone would wait 2 seconds more than with another search engine, even if it’s for something good, so keep on improving the site.

  3. ecocho said

    Thanks Nicola!! Really appreciate your feedback! We will always try to improve the site, but we’re very pleased you approve of the changes!

    Thanks also for your positivity Chiara! Grazie tanto!


  4. Ian said

    You’ve been up for 1 day and I already found you from stumble-upon. Ecocho has replaced google as my home page and so will continue to get hits from me (as well as the people I tell).. I hope you can keep up with the traffic.

  5. ecocho said

    That’s awesome Ian!! You’re a legend!

    Great that you found us via Stumble Upon. The success of this site this week has blown our little minds! Seriously. We’ve already met some awesome people across the world giving us feedback about the site. We hope to improve it based on all your comments. Keep em coming!

    Thanks for the support!

  6. Jan said

    You guys are doin’ something good ! Keep improving the site, the news of a “green” search engine is spreading like crazy on the net, my inbox is getting spammed with links to your site, this will be such a huge succes !

    Keep it up!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  7. Daniele said

    Thanks to you!! ^_^ We must defend the’s really important for the future! Good job guys I’m with you!
    Thanks! ^_^

  8. Arianna said

    Great! But let me ask you just one thing: if there is no copyright to protect the idea of “Blackle”, and I don’t think it exists, why don’t you combine both the planting of trees and the saving of energy, creating a black (or just dark)echocho? You know, all this ideas “grow like mushrooms” and people can’t decide what’s better..! Of course I’ll choose trees.
    Good, good job.


  9. Haldun said

    Hello guys,

    I read about echocho on a news channel and well, I must admit, it’s the best thing I’ve found on the internet as long as I can think. Echocho replaced google as my start page and I keep telling friends, workmates and everyone else I know about this page. I’m absolutely sure, this will be an overwhelming success. Though, as told here, too, I’ve encountered some speed problems – I guess typical of any technologically sophisticated projekt starting – it doesn’t bother at all waiting some seconds longer compared to other search sites. Keep going on, I hope your example of an nature – friendly business idea will be an example for other people itself. I will contribute to this as good as I can!!!

  10. Haldun said

    …and sorry for the spelling mistake 🙂

  11. ecocho said

    Thank you Haldun! We’ll do our best to keep improving the speed. Thanks for telling your family and friends about Ecocho!

    Ecocho’s Web Producer

  12. Narges said

    Hi…. thank you for your admirable activity, i am Iranian, and when i understood about your site, discribed it on my weblog , this weblog is farsi but is about global environment
    sure, friends of environment will be encourager and sum of your activity.

  13. Angel* said

    Healing light love for this world, keep going! You are a example****

  14. ecocho said

    What a beautiful comment Angel, thank you so much! We’re so pleased at the reponse, and we love feedback from you guys, it makes Ecocho what it is – a chance for all people, all ages, all over the world to do something for the environment and show their concern!
    Thank you!

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