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Tell a friend about Ecocho

You’ll all notice that the “Tell a Friend” [ Envoyer à un ami | Dillo ad un amico | Cuéntele a un amigo | An Freunde weitersagen | Contar para um amigo | Vertel het een vriend | 告诉朋友 | Tipsa en vän | Kerro kaverille | Fortæl en ven om Ecocho ] page has been updated. Now you can securely log in to your email account (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or MSN Hotmail) and easily select the friends you want to tell about Ecocho!

You may be wary about logging in to your email account via a website other than your email hosting site, but rest assured that we never see your password and only your log in email address is visible to us. We never store any email addresses or any of your information. Your password is encrypted immediately and transmitted directly to your host email provider’s site (Google, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail). We use very secure SSL technology by Digicert and their Digital Certificate Authentication system ensures that your personal information is protected and confidential.

You can add a maximum of 50 friends each time you log in.

Please let us know how the function works for you. We love to get feedback!


Ecocho’s Web Producer


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Image search on Ecocho

Hi guys,

A few of you have been asking about the “image search” function and how to find it. I thought I’d write to explain.

When you perform a search, you are transported to the “search results” page. At the top of this page you will see the search box along with your chosen search term. Above this search box are two links like this: “Web | Images“.

Simply select the function you wish to perform from these two links. So, click on “Images” to see the images for your chosen search term.

We are looking to put a direct link to the image search function on the home page, but we are not sure where to place it yet. We don’t want the home page looking too untidy – there is a lot on there already! Please send in your suggestions for where the “image search” link should be on the Ecocho home page. We’d appreciate it!

Please contact us if you have any problems too! Hope that’s helped.


Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Did Google provide approval for Ecocho to use its products or not?

By now, most of you will have seen that Google has withdrawn their service on the site. Because there is an element of contention, we thought we’d simply give Ecocho users a summary of the dates that we met with Google.

Executives at Google have been aware about our intention to launch Ecocho since January 2008. Approval was given in early February 2008.

18/01/08: We had lunch with a senior Google executive during which we outlined the Ecocho project in detail.The Google executive asked us to email a Powerpoint presentation of the project so that it could be passed on to the relevant people.

21/01/08: We emailed the Powerpoint outlining the project to the Google executive.

23/01/08: We receive an email from the Google executive suggesting that we catch up with another senior Google executive better suited to discussing Adsense implementations. In the same email the Google exec suggested that there might be an opportunity to discuss this project with their green team.

23/01/08: We sent an email to the Google exec better suited to discussing Adsense implementations, asking when would be a good time to meet to discuss Ecocho in more detail.

23/01/08: Google exec replies that they are free to discuss this ‘tomorrow’ (24 jan) at 2pm.

24/01/08: We have a meeting with Google in their Sydney office and discuss Ecocho in detail.

04/02/08: We email Google exec to find out if we can go ahead with Ecocho.

05/02/08: Email from Google exec saying that they are still traveling and will call tomorrow.

06/02/08: Google exec calls and says that we can’t get Adsense premium, but recommends we use standard Adsense coupled with Google’s Custom Search Engine product on Ecocho.

06/02/08: We ring Google exec to ask if Google can provide technical assistance if we have problems customising the “look and feel” of Ecocho.

06/02/08: Google exec rings back to confirm Google can provide technical assistance if implementation problems occur.

For Google to say that we had no approval to use Adsense on Ecocho is inaccurate.

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Ecocho growing fast!

Hello, howdy, bonjour, ciao, hallo, hola, hej, g’day Ecochosters!

A whopping 70,000 of you came to Ecocho yesterday and numbers are still growing. This is great news, and so we thought we’d start a little top 10 of world Ecocho users.

The current Ecocho top ten is:

1. Italy
2. Germany
3. United States
4. Netherlands
5. Sweden
6. France
7. Belgium
8. Australia
9. Spain
10. Austria

Italia is holding on to the top spot, with Germany a close second. Ecocho began in Australia and yet the Aussies have slipped down to 8th! Come on Australia – we can do better than 8th!

Quite a few of you have still been asking about how Ecocho is verified and how we’re accountable with regards to our carbon credits and how we make sure the trees are grown! For details, this page explains our verification process in detail.

As you’ll see, we buy credits from official, Government schemes; the first scheme we are investing in is the New South Wales government GGAS (Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme). They grow the trees, which we fund.

This is all very well, and you may be pleased to know that the planting of trees (in relation to credits) is being handled by a government department. However, how can you be sure that we are buying the credits that we say we are, and retiring them in a fair and honest way? Well, you can log in to the government’s own GGAS website here: and using our organisation name (Ecocho), username (Guest) and our password (guestecocho01), you can see the exact amount of credits we have bought and retired.

We hope this helps to alleviate any concerns, but if not please get in touch with any questions.

Once again, thank you all for visiting Ecocho and helping us to grow trees!

Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Google halts Ecocho service


You may’ve noticed that your Google searches are suddently not working on the site. Unfortunately, Google has decided to stop Ecocho from using its search technology.

We’ve had phenomenal results over the first week and really hope that this can continue. We are speaking to Google right now to try to resolve this problem, but we could probably use your help.

If you love using Ecocho to perform your Google searches, feel free to express how unhappy you are about this decision here:

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. It is certainly an ominous move by the search giant, especially as only a couple of days ago Yahoo expressed further positive support for the project, even offering to host it for us (in fairness, Yahoo showed great excitement for the project from day one when we spoke with them). Thank you all for your fantastic support of Ecocho!

We’d appreciate you guys discussing the issue with us on this blog – we’d really love to hear from all of you who’ve expressed such inspiring support for the project.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use Ecocho’s Yahoo function for all your searches.



Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Green links

We constantly get emails through from people wanting us to add links to the site, but we are such a tiny team of people that we don’t (yet!) have time to regularly update the links section. We’re still trying our best to answer every message sent through to the site as top priority, or at least make changes/improvements based on them.

However, there have been a couple of particularly interesting sources who’ve got in touch mentioning links. Firstly, veteran journalist and eco-authority Ken Hickson has been in touch to say how much he loves the Ecocho site and mentioned his interesting carbon consultant site ABC Carbon:

Secondly, Ingo from Germany wrote to us to tell all about WikiWoods, an initiative that “helps forests and woods to grow and flourish in a natural way – worldwide”. The project uses the internet platform (in a similar way to Wikipedia) to help make it possible for volunteers, experts and sponsors to meet on the web and work together on local area forest-projects. We thought it was pretty cool. The project started in 2007 and so far has planted 2500 trees. There’s an english article here:

We thought we’d share those with you!


Ecocho’s Web Producer

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Firefox Add-on

Hi ecochosters,

Hopefully you all had a good weekend.

I’ve been getting a bunch of messages about a Firefox Add-on for Ecocho that allows you to add our search to the search engine browser list. You can already install this feature from the “Toolbar & add-ons” page (link on the top of each page thoughout the website!). If you scroll down the “Toolbar & add-ons” page you’ll see “Add the Ecocho search engine to Firefox or IE7”. The instructions provided should guide you from here.

Hope this helps!


Ecocho’s Web Producer

P.S. Summer and Thomas are working very hard on the black version of Ecocho right now, which I like to call “Ecocho Lo”. Check back very soon to see it!!

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